Anonymous asked: (can I just say you go for making your URL imtheboyWHO and not imtheboyTHAT because who is proper grammar AMEN)

Aha, it wasn’t exactly my choice :) I was going to make it an exact mirror of the girls’ blog (like I did with imtheonethat), but the url imtheboythat is already taken.

2nd September, TuesdayReblog

enjoythesunlight asked: How old do I have to be to apply? and do I have to be male? :/

As of right now, there is no age or gender requirement to join (though I would prefer a male for the first mod).

However, due to the lack of submissions, I see no reason to accept a new mod yet.

1st September, MondayReblog

Anonymous asked: Not a confession or anything, but how are you Raptor? It's been a while since I heard you.

I’m… not as good as I could be right now. A close family friend died on Friday and I’m not coping with it in any way I normally would. I seem to be somewhere between emotionally numb and just plain empty. Coupled with my senior year of highschool starting last Tuesday and my expectations that my stress is going to increase exponentially as the year goes on…

In some ways I’m better than I was  a few months ago. In others, I’m a little worse.

1st September, MondayReblog

Anonymous asked: we're still acting like a couple. And I (coming from the home I do) am depressed so he feels it's his fault, but I tell him whenever he brings it up, I tell him it isn't true and such

That can be normal for relationships in which the people involved are very close. If it’s really confusing you, you could always ask him to talk about where you two stand, what your relationship with each other actually is. It can be an awkward conversation to start, but if you are really confused about it, it may be the best option.

It may be that the best you can do is keep reassuring him he isn’t the source of your depression. With his own struggles he may feel like everything he does towards you is wrong or harmful, and it will take a lot to change that mentality into a more stable and healthy one.

1st September, MondayReblog

Anonymous asked: hi, to get this out of the way, I am a girl, but I have questions about my boy-friend. We dated for four months and now we aren't but it's still like we are dating.? And he's struggling with addiction and I come from an abusive home from substance abuse, and he thinks he's hurting me but he's not really. I'm just so confused

Do you mean you two broke up, but are still acting like a couple, or something else?

And do you know what it is specifically that makes him think he is hurting you? Is it behavioral or just something he sees in his head and is translating as causing you harm?

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Anonymous asked: are girls allowed to be added to the blog?

Eventually, yes.

Right now, though, there aren’t enough submissions to warrant adding another mod to the blog.


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Anonymous asked: #563 I can't make your pain go away. But there are plenty of people who will do everything they can to try. You're not alone,,

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