Hey, guys, we actually didn’t get enough submissions last week for me to queue for this week :(

I could always toss in a couple of my own submissions to bring the total to at least seven, but I prefer having most of the posts on this blog coming from followers and viewer submissions rather than my own problems and worries.


2nd February, SundayReblog
heleah asked: I don't understand I'm the boy who #521. Not to be rude but could you explain it to me? .o. I'm just curious ehe.

I’m sorry to say I can’t explain that one. I’m guessing the submitter mixed up the pronouns or left out a word or two in the submission on accident. Since I don’t edit the submissions before adding their images to the queue, a few come through that are hard to understand.

2nd February, SundayReblog

Hey, that doesn’t mean that you have no right to complain. Everyone needs to rant and vent now and then, regardless of who might have it worse than they do.